The Left’s Plan

Paul Ryan was chosen and yips and yells were heard on the right and on the left. ?The Democrats and their pundits had a plan. ?They ripped into the Ryan Budget as the end of Medicare. ?The Romney campaign was quick to point out that the only one to affect Medicare is Obama’s $716 billion dollar theft to pay for Obamacare. ?The response from the Democrats is the hook they want all to swallow: The Ryan Budget included the $716 billion dollar Medicare theft to pay for Obamacare.

The Romney campaign stumbled in explaining that Romney’s budget doesn’t include that provision. ?They fell into the trap the Democrats and pundits were hoping for. ?The DNC’s talking points are that Romney is distancing himself or worse divorcing himself from Ryan’s budget. ?The Romney campaign tried to defend that Mitt is at the top of the ticket. ?Cracks seemed to appear overnight between the dynamic duo. ?I’ve even heard some on the right worry that Romney is flipping on Ryan’s budget.

Dissecting?the Hook and Lure

An effective budget must be based on real numbers, not imaginary or hopeful numbers. ?A head of household that hopes to get a new or better job in six months can not budget for that income until that income is realized. ?Ryan’s budget had to?accommodate?existing laws, not future repeals of laws and sadly Obamacare is law. ?Ryan’s budget had to reflect the reality of ?Obamacare’s effect on Medicare.

The Democrats want to wrap the old static budget of real numbers around Romney’s neck and not allow any movement for what a campaign must do: explain the vision for the future. ?The Romney campaign needs to get Ryan out in front and have him explain in simple terms the difference of a budget which is a snapshot of existing laws verses the vision that both Romney and Ryan will lead us to. ?A budget without Obamacare.

It’s time to throw the hook back at those that cast it out. ?They fail to?understand or even have a budget. ?Romney and Ryan are not moving away from the values in Ryan’s Budget they are showing us the new plan for the next budget. ?A budget without Obamacare.

It’s time to get Ryan to put that in simple to understand terms.