Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, unprompted, took a hatchet to one of the Obama campaign’s biggest obsessions at the Democratic National Convention today, slamming the attacks on Governor Romney’s tax returns as a focus on “things that don’t really matter.”
Hancock about to get bookered?Remember, Hancock has gladly been one of Obama’s biggest water carriers in Colorado.

Per KDVR’s Eli Stokols:

But Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, in an interview with FOX31 Denver, went off the script, openly criticizing the Obama campaign for its sustained effort to pressure Romney to release his tax returns.

“It’s unfortunate that this campaign has gone all over the place where we’re talking about someone turning in their tax returns, things that really don’t matter to me,” Hancock told FOX31 Denver. “Someone else’s tax returns are not going to put food on the table of my neighbor who may have been unemployed for a year.”

The answer came in response to a question that had nothing to do with tax returns: “how do you think the president is going to win Colorado?”

“If you talk about the issues that matter to me the most: my safety, my children, my education, my jobs, my health care, now you’ve got my attention, and I’m going to tune in. So we want to turn that conversation back to the things that matter most, and the president’s been doing it. We want him to get more on that platform, and I think you’ll see more of that in this convention.”

If Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s experience with contradicting an Obama attack is any guide, Mayor Hancock is likely being taken to the woodshed by the Obama campaign as we speak.

Will Hancock be producing a hostage video of his own?