Ward Churchill’s attempt to get his job back at CU Boulder failed today, with the Colorado Supreme Court siding with the university who fired Churchill for plagiarism.

But the former CU professor, who once proclaimed he was no “goddamned Sitting Bull” ain’t giving up so easily.

Reports the Daily Camera‘s Brittany Anas:

The attorney for Ward Churchill — the University of Colorado faculty member who compared some World Trade Center victims to a notorious Nazi — said he’s appealing the fired professor’s case to the U.S. Supreme Court after the state Supreme Court today ruled in favor of the university.

The Colorado Supreme Court heard Churchill’s appeal in June and issued its ruling today against Churchill, who has been trying to get his job back on the Boulder campus where he taught ethnic studies. The Board of Regents in 2007 fired Churchill for academic misconduct, after discovering patterns of plagiarism and made-up facts in his body of work.

As Senator Shawn Mitchell quipped on Facebook: “One person is thrilled Ward Churchill won’t be reclaiming his post as an “Indian hire” at CU; Elizabeth Warren will be looking to resume full-time employment soon.”

As we noted back in May, there are a striking number of similarities between Colorado’s own fake Indian in Ward Churchill and US Senate candidate from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, who has also falsely claimed Native American heritage in order to benefit her career.

Maybe they should just create a “Chair of Fake Indian Studies” at CU? Those with original work need not apply.