Dan Robinson’s opening statement at the Club 20 debate with D55 incumbent, Ray Scott, steamed with contempt. Robinson, the candidate put up by Mesa County Democrats to challenge Colorado House District 55 Representative Ray Scott, wasted no time telling the audience in the CMU ballroom that the incumbent has done nothing in the State House, is full of hot air, and is the equivalent of equine effluvium. “Ray Scott is not the person to represent the people of Western Colorado because he has insulted the governor and just makes up numbers from Capitol Hill.” Robinson failed to give specifics on how Scott had insulted the Governor or what numbers he had made up.
Ray Scott’s opening statement was simple. He explained how Western Colorado needs representation that reflects its character and resource profile and not the “Front Range-based legislation” that now controls this end of the state.
The first moderator asked about the candidates’ positions on the “Asset Bill,” which benefits illegal aliens by giving them in-state tuition breaks at state colleges. Dan Robinson stated that as a member of the board of trustees of Colorado Mesa University he had voted in favor of the Asset Bill. Ray Scott addressed the huge economic and cultural problems facing the state as a result of the strain illegal aliens place on our institutions and jobs base. In cross examination Ray Scott asked Dan Robinson if he had ever assisted illegals aliens with pro-bono legal services. Robinson skirted the question a couple of times and after Scott asked the question a third time Robinson answered that “no, he had never given pro bono legal help to undocumented immigrants.” Robinson continued by saying that attorneys, like doctors are “obligated to help the needy.”
Robinson’s answer to Ray Scotts question about his pro-bono work with illegal aliens was shocking given that just a few days ago I posted an article revealing that a document obtained from “D21 Access to Justice,” an organization set up to provide free legal help to the “needy,” clearly indicated that Dan Robinson at one time had established a reputation of “working with undocumented immigrants” in a pro-bono capacity. In the “21st JD Access to Justice” report, Leslie Castro, who appears to coordinate pro-bono services on behalf of clients, says the following about Dan Robinson:

“Dan Robinson, a local attorney who does a lot of pro bono work with undocumented immigrants, convinced a handful of his clients to come to the COURTHOUSE to talk to the ATJ group about the problems they face. (What do I do if I get pulled over? Etc.) The meeting was followed up with a meeting with local law enforcement officers to discuss the issues.”

It’s puzzling why Dan Robinson chose to mischaracterize his history of providing pro-bono services to illegal aliens when pressed by D55 Representative Ray Scott during the debates. Robinson has never tried to hide his solicitous attitude towards illegal aliens and he prides himself on his advocacy positions in their behalf. He certainly appeared to have no interest in appeasing the Club 20 audience. Perhaps it was just an off day for Democrat Dan Robinson. After all, a debate session that began with a seething attack comparing his opponent to horse dung, was almost certain to end badly.