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UPDATE: The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel‘s Charles Ashby reports this wasn’t Theis’s first criminal act:

The charge isn’t Theis’ first run-in with the law.

A day after Thanksgiving last November, she was issued summonses on two counts of driving under the influence of alcohol, having an open container in her vehicle and weaving in traffic, according to a Colorado Bureau of Investigation search of her criminal history.

Theis said she recently underwent surgery and was on painkillers at the time.

But she also mixed those painkillers with beer.

Fundraising must not be going well for Tammy Theis, a Democrat running for State House District 58 in Montrose. The Watch reports that Theis was caught shoplifting at a supermarket last week, but is vowing to continue her campaign against incumbent Republican Don Coram.

“Once police arrived, Montrose resident Tammy Theis was issued a citation for shoplifting miscellaneous merchandise under the value of $500,” [Montrose Police Cmdr. Gene] Lillard said.

…“It was my mistake,” Theis said. “I had a campaign on my mind and it was a human error. I am gravely sorry that it happened. It was a mistake and it has not changed the campaign at all. I am still running against Don Coram and I am looking forward to debating him in October.”

The stable of Democrats running for office this year is beginning to read more like a court docket every day.First there was Sal Pace, a Democrat running for Congress with a long and embarrassing criminal record that invites comparison to disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Then there is the RTD candidate, Vince Chowdhury, who was arrested for assaulting his daughter for not opening the garage door quick enough.

Now this. And from what we hear, there’s plenty more rap sheets tied to Democratic candidates to come.

(H/T to Revealing Politics for catching the story)