Another day, another story about Democrats’ attacks on women. Sigh. Unfortunately, today the assault we’re talking about is literal. If the name Vince Chowdhury sounds familiar that’s because he was a member of the Jeffco School Board until 2008 when he plead guilty to Third Degree Assault for slapping his daughter. According to a 2008 press release from the Jeffco District Attorney’s office, the story goes:

“Chowdhury had arrived home earlier that evening and honked the horn for his wife or daughter to open the garage door for him. According to court records he was in the driveway for a few minutes and when he got inside he was upset with his wife and daughter for making him wait. His wife said that she and her daughter apologized to him, but he began slapping their 16-year-old daughter in the face.”

A 2008 Denver Post article notes that his daughter also accused him of choking her, in addition to the series of slaps, for being “disrespectful”.
He was given a “one-year deferred sentence”, part of which required him to attend anger management and parenting classes. At the time, he was running in a Democratic primary for HD22 against Camille Ryckman, who eventually lost in the general to GOP State House Rep. Ken Summers.

After such a debacle, you’d think he’d hang up his public office spurs, but you’d be wrong. Mr. Chowdhury is now a candidate for the RTD Board in District E. He also currently serves on the Arapahoe County Citizens Budget Committee and the City of Aurora Budget Committee.

Additionally, Vince “Open the Garage Door, Damnit” Chowdhury has been endorsed by Aurora City Councilmember Molly Markert, Arvada City Councilmember Mark McGoff, former State Senator Bob Hagedorn, and Cherry Creek School Board Member David Willman.

Well, who knows? Maybe he’s been reformed by the required parenting and anger management classes. But, just in case, we’d advise fellow Budget Committee members, and possibly future RTD Board members, to show proper respect. We’d also advise carrying pepper spray (look a sale!), because if not opening a garage door in a timely manner is considered disrespectful, it’s allllll on the table.

(Photo Credit: Recall Vince Chowdhury)