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No one has ever accused State Senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) of being the brains behind the Senate Democrats’ operation. In an AP article today about Obama’s visit to Golden, she clarifies why that is.

Hudak tells the AP‘s Kristen Wyatt, with a straight face we assume, that the bad economy is actually helping Democrats.

Democrats are seeing the economy play a big role this year, too, though of course they believe it plays in their favor.

“I see it in my own district as I walk through communities. I have a lot more people tell me they can’t find a job, that they’re afraid of losing their house,” said Democratic state Sen. Evie Hudak, locked in a tight race of her own against a Republican challenger.

“People are still struggling, but they also see it getting better,” Hudak continued. “They’re more realistic about Obama, they’re looking not at what he will do but at what he has done. I’m confident Obama will keep Jeffco.”

Hudak’s Baghdad Bob-like pronouncement is no surprise to those familiar with her legislative record. She’s not exactly known for her financial acumen. This past session, even the liberal Denver Post editorial board slammed her signature legislation as “muddled economic thinking.”

We know that Hudak has to toe the party line and push a positive outlook on the dismal economy, but actually claiming it’s improving and people are noticing that? Even BP had better spin.

For the last four straight months unemployment in Colorado has gone up. It hasn’t improved, nor even stagnated. It’s gone up.

And voters see that. In the Colorado Purple Poll in August, 27% of respondents said the economy was getting better, while 44% said it was getting worse, representing a 5 point shift towards more negative views of the economy from the July Colorado Purple Poll.

If Evie Hudak actually believes what she told the AP, then her Republican challenger Lang Sias can probably begin measuring the drapes for his office in the Capitol.