Photo courtesy of Facebook

Sadly, Sen. Pat Steadman’s partner of 11 years, Dave Misner, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer today.  Sen. Steadman posted on his Facebook page a touching note about his death:

“It is my sad duty to report that Dave Misner died this morning peacefully at home.  His disease and suffering have ended.  He fought the cancer as much as he could, but it wasn’t really a fair fight.  Pancreatic cancer is a horrible monster, and Dave showed up armed with only his gentle spirit and beautiful smile, and some doctors and a lot of nurses.  He was sorely outmatched.  We mourn this loss but remember a loving father and caring man.  He was loved by many, many people and he will be greatly missed.”

The announcement was followed by hundreds of comments from well-wishers expressing their sorrow and sharing words of encouragement for Sen. Steadman.  According to the Denver Post, Misner was diagnosed with the particularly deadly form of cancer in late June.  At the time, the cancer was too advanced for surgery.  The couple held out hope that Misner’s disease would fare well since he was just 48 and in (otherwise) good health.

Pancreatic cancer has recently taken a number of well-liked Coloradans, including former state Sen. Paul Sandoval earlier this year.  To Sen. Steadman’s point, according to the National Institute of Health, the cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, with the average survival of less than a year for those whose cancer has spread beyond the pancreas.  A monster indeed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sen. Steadman and his family and friends for their loss.