I Am Created Equal, a political nonprofit designed to reach women during this election season and to counter the fake “War on Women”, has released its latest ad titled “I Worry”.  Here’s an excerpt from the ad:”Mr. President, you said you’d make things better.  But, you didn’t.  Half my neighborhood is out of work.  Houses are foreclosed, and friends and family are running out of options.”

Currently, the ads are running in Fort Collins, and will likely expand the ads to Northwest Colorado near Steamboat Springs and Durango. The ad ends with a woman telling President Obama that it’s him that women are worried about.

Women should be worried.  Since President Obama took office, almost one million women have left the labor force.  Many, many more are living in poverty.  Women have not fared well under this administration.

This ad follows an ad the organization published earlier this summer called “Hey Washington Politicians” that asks legislators to allow families to make their own decisions.

The organization is one of several that have cropped up in response to the Democrats’ alleged “War on Women”.