State Senator Evie Hudak’s worst nightmare is back…on TV. Conservative group Compass Colorado went up on the airwaves yesterday with three new ads targeting legislative Democrats in tough races, including one hitting Hudak for her support of over $4 billion in higher taxes and her lavish taxpayer funded junkets while on the State Board of Education.

Compass was last seen on TV a year ago slamming Hudak for her leading role in pushing for the failed $3 billion tax hike ballot initiative known as Prop 103 — an initiative that went down 2-1 across the state, we might add. (See that ad here)

This time around, Hudak’s love of higher taxes again plays a leading role. Reports The Colorado Observer:

DENVER — The fight for control of the Golden Dome has just been kicked up a notch. Yesterday, conservative group Compass Colorado released three tough TV ads hitting three Democrats in tight races. They mark the first TV ads of the 2012 election cycle to focus on races for the State Legislature.

The spots hit incumbents State Senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) and State Representative Max Tyler (D-Lakewood), as well as former State Representative Dianne Primavera (D-Broomfield), who is looking to reclaim her seat after being defeated in 2010.

Each ad has at least six figures behind it, although the total buys were not released by Compass Colorado.

The ads are slated to run for four weeks on cable.

As The Observer notes, while Compass is up first, they won’t be alone for long.

Check out the three spots after the jump: