Colorado Democrats constantly talk about their desire to pass civil unions in Colorado. But, when they controlled the Capitol for four years, they didn’t bring a single civil unions bill forward. Not. A. One. It’s a far more effective issue to have for fundraising than actually passing it.

That same level of hypocrisy showed up again recently when a group formed to fight for civil unions — Fight Back Colorado — sent their first attack mailer…that didn’t even mention civil unions. Their target? Republican State Rep. Robert Ramirez, who is a potential ally of civil union supporters.

Why do we say Ramirez is a potential ally? Because the state’s leading gay rights organization One Colorado has a video on their YouTube channel where Ramirez says he’s open to supporting civil unions.

Why would they attack Ramirez then? It’s simple: Fight Back Colorado is nothing more than another political attack group geared towards electing Democrats.

Supporters of civil unions should be outraged. Rather than build support for the cause, Fight Back Colorado is attempting to burn bridges all in the name of electing more Democrats.

They are merely playing on the emotions and bank accounts of civil union supporters to further their tax-hiking agenda.

Spare us the civil rights lecture, this is about power and partisanship.