By now, you’ve probably seen the appalling video of Denver Post owner Dean Singleton giving a big, wet sloppy kiss of an intro to President Obama.

But is the Post‘s coverage of the Presidential race biased?  Check out these two headlines, which came only within a day of each other.

Headline 1.  Romney’s statement about the “47 percent,” which according to the Post, “ignited a firestorm of criticism,” gets about 70% of the entire front page.  It’s a headline that’s not just above the fold, it literally spills over the fold.  From September 19:

What does the Post do with an Obama gaffe? (cough)  It goes on page 17 A.  Page (cough) 17A.  Roughly 33% of the entire page.

What are the three rules of real estate? Location, location, location.

Thanks, DP!