A chart of the improvement in unemployment, sent to us by faithful Peak reader and contributor Dave Diepenbrock, showed that Colorado has had the greatest increase in unemployment since August 2009 of any state in the country. Not only have our unemployment numbers not improved, they’ve actually gotten worse.  See the chart below.

Perhaps Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper knew about the improvement (or lack thereof) in unemployment in Colorado last week when he noted: “It’s always good to get positive news with the state revenue forecast,” Hickenlooper, a Democrat, said in a statement. “But we know many households are still struggling and different sectors of the economy are still fragile.”

While the rest of the country continues to suffer from high unemployment, some areas have seen tepid improvement.  Colorado is simply not one of them.  Of course, with the national unemployment average remaining at a stubbornly high 8.1%, the recovery that President Obama promised to Americans seems out of reach.

As a reminder, he promised that if he was to enact the massive spending programs that added exponentially to our national debt, he would be able to return unemployment to 5.6%.  Then again, he also claimed he would slash deficits by 50% and we’ve seen how that’s worked out for us.  Obama claimed that if he was unable to accomplish this within his first term, he would be a one-term president.  For the sake of Colorado’s families, let’s hope so.