The Colorado Women’s Alliance has evaluated the candidates and has offered its endorsement of the 2012 Colorado State Senate and House candidates in Colorado.  Debbie Brown, director of the Colorado Women’s Alliance had this to say about the endorsements:

“Our research confirms that women’s issues are much broader than you’d guess from watching over-the-top political ads designed to scare and distract.  Joblessness, home foreclosures, rising education bills and a stagnant economy all affect the lives of women in a very personal way. Legislators must enact policies that protect and respect a woman’s personal financial security and independence.”

The criteria for the endorsements was that the candidate had to commit to putting job creation first, to commit to reducing the burden of business regulation, and to be running in a targeted race. The endorsements focused on Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties, two of the most contested counties in Colorado in local and presidential elections.

Here are the Jeffco candidate endorsements:

Amy Attwood: Amy Attwood is a woman who has played all the important roles that most of us face throughout our lifetimes, from wife and mother to working woman. Her first-hand experience and practical understanding of the issues that challenge us will be a valuable asset in the statehouse. The candidate’s focus on education, family prosperity, and good jobs are also our top priorities at the Colorado Women’s Alliance. We can rest assured that Amy Attwood knows the women of Colorado, and will speak out for us and our values with passion and intelligence.

Rick Enstrom: Everyone knows that businesses are in trouble all over our country, including in our great state. Rick Enstrom comes from a four-generation success story, a family that for over fifty years has been making a wonderful product that has a sweet spot in the hearts of Coloradans. As our elected representative he will bring his years of valuable experience and skill in growing a business to the statehouse. Rick Enstrom’s down-to-earth approach to our state’s problems will make us Colorado proud!

Robert Ramirez: Active for many years in his community, Robert Ramirez is a man who has earned our support.  He has served us well, working with members of both parties, to help all citizens. He’s in touch with the real-life concerns of all of us who worry about the quality of our children’s education while we wonder from one day to the next if we will be able to keep our jobs and our homes. He’s been a helpful neighbor and friend to many, in the caring tradition of the true Westerner. We know Robert Ramirez will continue to make citizens proud of his work in the Colorado House.

Lang Sias: The Colorado Women’s Alliance is impressed by Lang Sias, an American war hero and family man. His devotion to his wife and children tell us he’s the kind of man we can trust to represent our families’ interests. He has stood in our shoes as we watch our groceries, gas, energy bills and taxes go higher and higher, and we know he’s just as concerned about the sinking economy as we are.  Lang Sias will be our voice for much-needed fiscal sanity in the Statehouse.

Ken Summers: Our state budget is broken. We need a leader who will not dodge the tough decisions but find  smart new ways to solve our problems. Ken Summers is such a leader. He knows what must be done to make Colorado more prosperous and competitive in this unprecedented economic and business environment. We can know that Ken Summers will value our trust and always do the right thing for all the people in our great state.


Here are the Arapahoe County candidate endorsements:

Cindy Acree: The Colorado Women’s Alliance gives its unqualified and enthusiastic endorsement to Cindy Acree. She is truly one of us, a woman who, as mother, community leader, and career woman, understands all of the demanding roles that each of us play. She has the same priorities that we have: to make sure our children get the best possible education, and to keep our families strong by increasing our health care choices and economic security. We appreciate how Cindy Acree has represented women with dignity and respect; she’ll continue to use her common sense and compassion to represent our values.

Dave Kerber: In the challenging times we face, we need a trustworthy, dependable leader who understands the stakes. Dave Kerber brings to the job the moral foundation and the practical knowledge of how citizens and government can work together to solve the great problems of the day. He is firmly grounded in the values we hold dear. We can be sure that the constants of family, faith and patriotism that keep us centered in a troubled world will also drive Dave Kerber’s decisions in the State Senate.

Brian Watson: We’ve all heard the alarming news that companies are closing or hanging on to their capital, reluctant to invest in new jobs or equipment because the economy is so uncertain. As a successful small businessman himself, Brian Watson has the first-hand experience to know how government can encourage business job creation. He understands that for our economy to grow, our businesses need to grow free of the heavy hand of government that can smother the entrepreneurial spirit. Brian Watson will use his business know-how to stand up for private enterprise, the engine of a thriving economy.

We’ve heard the League of Women Voters will issue endorsements.  We can probably guess who the organization will endorse…..