Truth tests on Congressional TV ads in Colorado this cycle have not been friendly to Democrats. With a number of TV ads now, major broadcast stations have been deeming Democrats’ ads false or arguable, while bestowing the coveted “TRUE” to the toughest Republican attack yet.

This trend continues with CBS4 smacking down CD6 Democrat challenger Joe Miklosi’s latest ad saying “in this case, Joe Miklosi’s ad is more extreme than Mike Coffman’s record.” BURN!

Roll the tape:

Perhaps the best part of the “reality check” is that it leads off reporting the news that Coffman has been endorsed by every mayor in CD6. We’re sure the Miklosi campaign really appreciated that.

Or maybe it was the listing of all of Coffman’s bipartisan votes and issue positions at the end of the segment. We can’t decide what made Miklosi’s day worse.

Just like Colorado Pols, we can’t figure out why Miklosi’s campaign has been running these tired old attacks against Coffman without bothering to introduce himself to voters. After all, polls show almost no one in CD6 (71%) knows who Miklosi is, as he’s a Denver state rep running for a Congressional seat in Aurora.

All voters seem to know about him right now is he’s not Mike Coffman and his ads are terrible. Now that’s a winning formula if we’ve ever heard one!

UPDATE: Oh…and viewers of 9News know he had an ex-con raising money for his campaign.

…and readers of the The Denver Post know he was labeled a “Legislative Loser” for his “shameless pander[ing]” and “political gimmick[s].”

So, there’s that.