You have to hand it to Jon Caldara, he isn’t afraid to drop a turd in the punch bowl of our politics when doing so exposes the hypocrisy of the Left.

This is an appropriate metaphor for Caldara’s latest missive, a full page advertisement in this morning’s Denver Post that exposes Federico Peña’s ties to a venture capital firm that saved various companys through the use of mass effieciency extractions…read that, laying off a crap-load of employees. Peña is the former Denver Mayor and always-surrogate for any Democrat running for any office in the state of Colorado. The candidates that Peña surrogates for these days, Obama, Perlmutter, etc., like to make an issue of their opponents history of laying off employees.

But on the issue of layoffs, Mr. Peña’s hands are far from unsoiled.

Political turd, allow us to introduce you to Mayor Peña’s punch bowl.

During your tenure as a Venture Capitalist in the private sector:

Your venture capital firm closed a Del Monte Foods plant in California, sadly displacing hundreds of employees…but today Del Monte is still alive and thriving!

Your venture capital firm laid-off hundreds of workers at Birdseye Foods…but hundreds are still employed because Birdseye did not fail!

Your venture capital firm closed three domestic factories with the Solo Cup Company costing hundreds of jobs…But Solo Cup is still in business, supplying real jobs.

Because of your courage to make tough and often painful decisions, these great American companies are still contributing to that economy and providing jobs. YOU BUILT THAT.

Such flattery! Such bipartisanship! Such a spirit of cooperation!

Caldara’s “flattery” should spark conversation. Next up, Peña has some explaining to do. The first question Peña should answer is how many people did he fire, and how does he sleep at night?

Wait, Pena fired people to save a company, you say? Entire companies would have been shut down, and more jobs lost, if these efficiencies weren’t achieved? Oh, well then, we agree with Mr. Caldara.

Thank you Mayor Peña for strengthening the American economy by making the same tough choices most small businesss owners are faced with every day.