Voter suppression! Purging voter rolls! Restrictive Jim Crow laws! It seems every election the Left deploys the same old tactics right up to the point they win.

Days after Secretary of State Scott Gessler announced huge voter registration numbers, self-proclaimed civil rights activists released this video denouncing  “voter purges and other dirty tricks aimed at keeping Latino voters in Colorado from participating in elections.” Not that they have any evidence.

Clearly, these scare tactics and emotional pleas are manufactured to generate greater interest among these specific communities. Take a look at the good work performed by Revealing Politics who exposes the fact that these people have no idea what they are talking about!

Gessler quickly discredits the claims and the video ends with the interviewee admitting, “We’re out here trying to rally the people and it doesn’t matter whether or not these things are happening.” It doesn’t matter whether or not these things are happening! They’re just trying to rally them because their other stories of goblins, ghosts and unicorns doesn’t work but playing the race card does.

Back to the video from the defenders of all rights that are civil, we see Pueblo’s own County Clerk Bo Ortiz emotionally distraught over some robo-call from 2008 (2:09). As his story goes, his mom got a call saying her precinct had changed. But the next clip includes a senior citizen who says the call he received stated, “there’s something that happened and they had to move the election up to Wednesday.” That’s some robo-call: “Hey, your precinct has changed and there’s something that happened and now the election is on Wednesday.” Not a likely scenario.

Ortiz goes on to say “It has become a battleground when we were seeing one, or two, or three bills that were proposed to change the election law in Colorado, now we’re seeing 50.” 50 voter suppression election bills in Colorado! By comparison, that means one of every 10 bills at the legislature is election related, according to Ortiz’s numbers. We already know that Ortiz struggles with telling the truth and his roles as county clerk and president of the clerks association is highly suspect.

While the media questions Gessler for attending a True the Vote meeting, why isn’t anyone asking Ortiz why he participates in these partisan videos? Does he believe that Colorado minority voters are really being purged from the rolls?