The Democrat candidate running against incumbent Ray Scott for for the Colorado State House District 55 seat was caught in another lie on Saturday at a Grand Junction candidate’s forum.  The local 2nd Amendment Committee held a forum for all candidates running in Western Slope political races, primarily those in Mesa County. The forum was held on Saturday, October 13, and provided an opportunity for candidates running for state and county offices to talk about their positions on state and Western Slope issues.

In a bizarre turn, Dan Robinson, a liberal Democrat attorney who once referred to Republicans in Mesa County as “a Southern, white party,” attempted to appeal to the Conservatives who were present. When pressed about his campaign coffers, Robinson claimed that he has received no money from the Democrat Party in Mesa County.  A quick check of the Secretary of State’s campaign contribution “tracer” report for D55 candidate Dan Robinson shows that, to the contrary, he has received $6,100 from the Mesa County Democrat Party.

Dan Robinson is gaining a reputation as a serial liar among the politically astute in Mesa County. Just last month during his Club 20 debate with Ray Scott, Robinson said that he had never given pro bono legal help to illegal aliens. Robinson chose to lie about his history of aiding illegal aliens despite the fact that those activities had been documented and reported by ColoradoPeakPolitics prior to the Club 20 debate in Grand Junction.

Dan Robinson isn’t known just for his proclivity for lying about his own activities and those of his opponent. His attack-dog style and accusations against opponents in the absence of evidence to support those accusations, are earning him a reputation as a disreputable and repugnant human being.

Rush Limbaugh, in a commentary about Joe Biden’s weird behavior and blatant dishonesty during the Vice Presidential debate, said that “this is what Democrats do.” In the case of Dan Robinson it certainly appears that blatant dishonesty and sometimes bizarre and offensive behavior, is what Dan Robinson does.