We gotta’ hand it to Colorado Pols. They are right about at least one thing these days. The Denver Post‘s decision to endorse all the incumbents in the state’s seven congressional contests is just bizarre.

We are quite certain that we and Pols would disagree on which incumbents deserve the boot, but it strikes us as just silly that any person from any political view point would go on record defending the status quo in Congress.

Congress has never been less popular. And the Post never misses a chance to wring its hands about Congress’ ineptness.

But do something about it? No way. The Post wants to keep things just the way they are, at least as far as our contribution to the U.S. House.

Bizarre, for sure.

The scribes over at Pols put it well:

Being the state’s newspaper of record, their endorsements can be significant (depending on the race), and will be used heavily by endorsed candidates in the election’s final weeks. It’s really too bad, then, that the Denver paper decided to waste the opportunity with milquetoast “play it safe” endorsements of every single incumbent member of Congress in Colorado.

It doesn’t happen often, but the Post’s peculiar decision to stick by the status quo has even Peak and Pols agreeing.