Earlier this week, a loyal Peak reader alerted us that Democratic candidate for HD41, John Buckner, had a warrant out for his arrest, a failure to appear warrant, back in 1976.  (see right)

According to FelonyGuide.com, “the most common FTA’s in the US occur when people neglect to show up in court regarding traffic tickets. Of course, anybody committed of any crime which requires a hearing is subject to receiving a failure to appear warrant. You can also receive a warrant for not showing up for jury duty when you are assigned to appear or not showing up for a civil lawsuit hearing. In some states FTA’s are actually treated as misdemeanors – this means that you can actually receive more charges for not bothering to show up for a hearing. Since most misdemeanors carry a maximum jail sentence of one year obviously this is something you should take very seriously.”

So, we took it seriously and sent Mr. Buckner an email asking if he would like to explain to readers why he had a failure to appear warrant out for his arrest.  It may have been as simple as a traffic ticket, which should be very easy to clear up.  But, that’s why his lack of response is so puzzling.

So, again, we ask John Buckner – was the failure to appear warrant for just a traffic ticket or was it for something more sinister?  Inquiring minds (and voters) want to know.