Another day, another Adams County scandal.  What’s in the water up there anyway?  This morning, investigative reporter Brian Maass broke the story that Democratic Adams County Commissioner Candidate Charles Tedesco was caught lying about his two DUIs to CBS4 News.  From the investigation:

“…Before [Tedesco] changed his name, in 1989, the Northglenn Police Department arrested Hillsberry (Tedesco), noting that his blood alcohol level registered .153. He later pleaded guilty to driving while impaired. Then in 1993, he was again arrested for DUI, this time by Federal Heights police. He was sentenced to 15 days in jail and apparently served 9 days of the 15 day sentence.”

Despite his arrest record, this is what Tedesco told CBS4:

“’I visited the jail but I’ve never been arrested,’ Tedesco responded. He went on to say he went on a tour of the Adams County Jail about a month earlier, but that was his only experience behind bars.”

Unfortunately, this type of lying is exactly the sort of thing that landed Adams County the dubious honor of being the center of corruption.  According to Democratic lawyers for hire Colorado Ethics Watch, “Adams County was the unquestioned epicenter of ethics problems in Colorado in 2011.”  Adams County Reform Project spokesperson, Michelle Lyng, was critical of Tedesco’s serious lapse in judgment:

“Had [Tedesco] not lied, this wouldn’t be a story; however, Mr. Tedesco is exhibiting the very same lack of personal integrity that has branded Adams County among the most corrupt counties in America.  Adams County residents deserve a commissioner who is forthright with the voters – certainly someone with far better judgment than Mr. Tedesco.”

To recap, there were five Adams County officials who have been called out for ethical breaches.  While Tedesco is not yet a commissioner, this would make six.  This is just another example of Democrats’ inability to lead in Adams County.  It sort of makes you wonder what we’d find if we looked closer at other Democratic officials, doesn’t it?