Another Colorado poll, another sign Romney’s post-Denver debate momentum continues. Rasmussen is out with a poll today showing Romney up 50-46 over Obama, marking a five-point shift in Romney’s direction from Rasmussen’s last Colorado poll on October 7.

The October 7 Rasmussen poll had Obama winning 49-48.

Romney’s lead in today’s Rasmussen poll comes from a 12-point lead among male voters, while Obama clings to a thin 3-point lead among female voters. There’s a gender gap, to be sure, but not the kind the press and liberals have been talking about for the last couple of months.

The sample in today’s Rasmussen poll is 36D/40R/23U, significantly different from the Oct. 7 Rasmussen poll with a 30D/35R/30U sample.

According to a Colorado Peak Politics source, as of this morning approximately 36,000 Republicans had returned their ballots to 29,000 Democrats and 20,000 Unaffiliateds. It’s early, and hard to draw too many conclusions from, but that turnout seems to suggest today’s Rasmussen sample could be correct.

As we’ve been saying for months, we expect the Colorado electorate on Nov. 6 to have more Republicans than Democrats, despite left-wing pollster PPP’s suggestion that Democrats will magically turnout in higher numbers than they ever have in history.

Regardless of the perennial party ID fight, no matter how you slice it, Romney’s momentum in Colorado is real and continuing. Will it be enough to push him over the top? We’ll know in a little more than two weeks.