A friend of mine named Charles, is a 60 year old survivor of a horrible car accident which occured about 12 years ago.   His injuries required him to undergo a liver transplant.   He is also a survivor of Hepatitis C, which he recently beat with a newly developed therapy.  He is an independent businessman who has private health insurance, but his condition does require regular medical monitoring.  A few days ago he posted the following on his Facebook page:

After 8 years with my Internal Medicine Doctor I am searching for a new doctor. It seems that Medicare who is my secondary insurance, no longer pays their portion of the medical payments if you have private insurance under the new health care act. Now private insurance companies are following the Medicare examples and paying less. Medicare has changed how much and when they pay doctors. So Doctors are opting out of Medicare. My Doctor now has opted for a cash only practice like many doctors in my area as I am finding out in my search. So thank you Mr Obama for the lies and deceit telling me I can keep my doctor and nothing will change and shame on you AARP for adding to this deceit. So now no matter what you need their supplemental insurance to make it work and then you still have a out of pocket expense.

lot of wild promises were made, and absolutely no review of the bill was allowed, during the debate for Obamacare.  And now more and more people are finding that they have less health care coverage than they did before the ACA started taking effect.  Fewer doctors will be available for those who truly need them, and those who will be available will be overworked and underpaid.

And this all was a good idea why?