As the first term of America’s first post-racial presidency winds down, a curious thing is happening:  Obama supporters are rolling out ad campaigns aimed directly at racial and ethnic groups, including black and Hispanic voters.  Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal announced that SEIU had secured a $250,000 ad buy to run Spanish language ads in Colorado, Florida and Nevada.

Here is just one example:

English translation:

Tomás: Obama’s policies are very favorable.
Mildred: He’s done a good job these last four years.
Tomás: My nephew is going to be able to keep studying. He’s changed – he (the President) sincerely changed his life.
Mildred: I have my mom and the Medicare she receives is covered.
Tomás: I’m voting for President Obama because he’s given me the opportunity, and to my family and community.
Mildred: I’m voting for President Obama because I trust him.
All: Let’s vote now/today for President Barack Obama.
SEIU Cope is responsible for the content of this advertising.

On top of that, the brutish union is dropping an additional $300,000 to runs ads aimed at African-Americans in Nevada, Ohio, and Wisconsin.  One of the more contemptible ads levels a serious claim against Mitt Romney: “…I’m hearing that Romney and the republicans are trying to stop people from voting.”

If SEIU has money and wants to spend it to influence voter opinions, we can hardly blame the organization.  But when they are advocating for a campaign that claims to be above name calling and then proceeds to accuse their opponent of lying on a daily basis, a campaign for a president who claims to be post-racial, one would expect such ads to be above dishonest and divisive rhetoric.  To assert that Romney is somehow trying to stop African-Americans from voting is about as divisive a lie as one could conjure.