The Democratic political affairs firm OnSight…the same firm that houses top campaign operatives for U.S. Senator Mark Udall and Governor John Hickenlooper…released a poll yesterday saying that Barack Obama is leading in Colorado.

Is anyone surprised while every other poll has Romney surging, Democrats are trying to end that momentum with a half-baked poll of their own? Nahhhhhh.

But still the press treated the poll as credible.

From KDVR’s Eli Stokols:

New numbers from OnSight Public Affairs and pollster Chris Keating show President Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 48-45 percent in a survey of 502 likely Colorado voters.

It’s the second poll Thursday from a Democrat-leaning outlet showing Obama ahead of Romney by three points in Colorado, one of seven swing states set to determine the race for the White House.

Obama’s lead is driven by a 52-38 percent advantage with unaffiliated voters, the state’s largest voting bloc.

“In Colorado, it always comes down to who can appeal to the unaffiliated voters,” said Keating. “They are now the largest voting block in the state and the candidate who wins them over is almost certain to take the state.”

No one begrudges partisans on either side from doing their part to help their side. But if the press feels compelled to treat this non-news as news, they ought to at least tell the full story…in this particular case, that the poll is partisan hog wash.

How do we know it is hogwash?

Start with the poll showing that Obama is absolutely crushing Romney among independents. No other legitimate poll has showed Obama in a strong position among this key block at any time in a long time.

The NBC/WSJ poll by Marist released yesterday had Romney winning independents. The Purple poll released today has Romney and Obama tied with Independents.

Funny thing that only Democrat operative polls show Obama winning that key voting bloc.