The Colorado Accountable Government Alliance is known for its vastly inaccurate and ugly mailers against Republican candidates.  Its mailer to voters in Colorado State House District 18 against Republican female candidate Jennifer George is no different.  The mailer describes the Colorado Women’s Alliance as a “radical anti-birth control front group” that “wants to outlaw common forms of birth control.”

The only problem is that Colorado Women’s Alliance hasn’t taken any position on birth control, and prefers to leave those personal choices to women.  In response, the organization fired a shot across the bow telling the peddlers of political putrefaction to stop the lies or face additional legal action.  From the cease and desist letter:

“The CWA has never issued any statement opposing a woman’s personal choice to use birth control. The CWA has also never sought to outlaw any common form of birth control. Any statements by CAGA to the contrary are both patently false and misleading.”

The Colorado Women’s Alliance Director, Debbie Brown explained the focus of the group (hint: it’s not on birth control):

“We are focused on discussing economic issues of importance to women in a substantive and meaningful way. We emphasize that women and the choices they make in their personal lives, are most directly impacted by a strong economy, availability of jobs, and the ability of women to secure financial security for themselves and their families.”

A quick review of Colorado Accountable Government Alliance’s funders show a bunch of far-left groups, but interestingly no women’s organizations. Here are just a few of the top organizations who have donated to CAGA:

  • American Federation of Teachers – $100,000
  • Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee – $100,000
  • Better Schools for a Stronger Colorado – $30,000
  • United Food and Commercial Workers – $25,000
  • Coloradans for Civil Justice – $21,750
  • Colorado Conservation Voters – $10,000
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – $10,000

This isn’t the first time Colorado Accountable Government Alliance will send a nasty mailer, and it will likely not be the last during this election cycle, but voters should be forewarned about the dishonesty that this group spews.