It’s the first quarter of the Broncos game as I write this. Willis McGahee has been a horse for Denver so far in the game.

Conservatives should imitate McGahee and push for a few more yards before election day. SO, sign up for a shift of voter contact to help your favorite candidate, whether phoning or walking. Don’t know how to contact your campaign? They’ll help you. at or 303.758.3333. 

When McGahee pushes on for those extra two yards, it adds up. Your efforts will, too.

What’s at Stake

Romney and Obama have different visions of our American economy and achieving equality among Americans.

  • Obama thinks we should smash people down with higher taxes.
  • Romney thinks we should create an economy that empowers people through job creation to succeed through hard work and make a bright future for their families.

Obama’s Green Fail

Obama’s jobs plan is green energy jobs. Official government report on failures here.

Two Colorado examples:

Romney Frees Energy Industry

Romney’s plan recharges the oil and gas sector of our economy. Three Colorado points:

  • The oil and gas industry supports more than 161,000 jobs statewide. 
  • On average, oil and gas employees make more than $97,000.
  • Oil and gas contribute $10.2 billion to Colorado’s labor income and $20.4 billion to Colorado’s economy overall.

Obama’s answer is lower salaries and bankruptcy. Romney’s answer is high salaries and a booming economy. With lower gasoline prices at the pump.


And McGahee’s stix against the Saints? 122 yards and a touchdown. Make your own touchdown for your candidate. You can do it!