The Obama campaign must be worried about its appeal to the center as it brought in President Bill Clinton to stump for President Obama in the wake of Superstorm Sandy yesterday.  Perhaps Team Obama didn’t read the New York Times blog post about how Bill Clinton may be hurting Obama’s re-election campaign.  Following the first debate a meme went viral that Clinton was looking for Romney’s binders full of women (a reference to his womanizing ways), but perhaps Clinton should be looking for binders full of rally attendees instead.

Clinton’s stop at a Commerce City high school was a bust as the school was forced to pull a partition across the basketball court so attendance wouldn’t look as pathetic as it was.  According to Fox31 political reporter Eli Stokols, the campaign attributed the low attendance to the late notice of the rally, but maybe it’s something more.  Here are a few of our theories about why attendance might have been low.

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Voters Aren’t Stupid: Voters see a chasm between the policies of President Clinton, which were arguably effective, and those of President Obama, which have been clearly devastating to the middle class.  Obama is no Clinton, no matter if they’re both the “first black President”.

Women Are No Longer Charmed: President Bill Clinton’s charm may have worked on women personally and politically a decade ago, but women have been genuinely hurt by Obama’s policy and no amount of lipstick can disguise the pig that Obama has dumped on their doorsteps.  Plus, as more and more women learn more and more about President Clinton’s sexual exploits (despite being married), quite frankly they’re not interested.

Voters Have a Long-Term View: While President Clinton was in office, voters may have been charmed by his policies, but we now have a long-term view of the unintended consequences of his policies.  And, smart voters are catching on.  While some rally-goers still “blame Bush” for the housing meltdown, some are awakening to the role that Bubba played in creating the housing bubble via the Community Reinvestment Act, which mandated that banks lend to subprime borrowers.  We all know how that turned out.

Losers Don’t Attract Crowds: Obama has been steadily losing the early vote in Colorado, something that has attracted plenty of attention in both the local and national media. Obama’s campaign has steadfastly refused to speak as confidently about Colorado as they do other battlegrounds like Ohio and Nevada. It’s far less attractive to attend a loser’s rally than a winner. The domino effect – attending a half-full rally is even more depressing.

But, of course, if the Obama campaign wants to spin this as a “late notice” issue, our response is – why so disorganized?  Could it be that the Obama camp has all hands on deck addressing the poor numbers coming out of Colorado?