That women will determine the outcome of the 2012 election is not news; it’s been reported for months.  But, here’s what’s news: women aren’t falling for the left’s bald-faced lies and scare tactics this year. The sheer frustration that liberals – particularly liberal women – must feel as they conjure “scarier and scarier” scenarios meant to bully women into voting for the candidate that Democrats have selected for women must be intense.

That must be why Democratic State Senator Morgan Carroll, who represents Aurora, nearly lost her mind when commenting on a ColoradoPols story making fun of a blog post by Joy Overbeck on My Colorado View. In the post, Overbeck contrasts President Obama, the undependable guy that all women have dated at one time or another, to Mitt Romney, the “nice guy”.  Overbeck also includes a “mocked-up” picture of President Obama wearing a men’s sleeveless ribbed undershirt, or a “wife beater” as ColoradoPols so delicately called it.  Here is Senator Carroll’s odd response:

“Not only do I worry about a group that has really never done anything for women before claiming to be a women’s organization an really being a GOP partisan front organization, but to me this makes a mockery of domestic violence and cycles of actual abuse for political sport and tries to imply that Obama is a “wife beater”.

Surely Senator Carroll knows that wearing an article of clothing does not cause one to beat one’s wife?  Conversely, men who wear sleeveless ribbed undershirts are no more likely to commit acts of domestic violence than, say, men who wear argyle socks.  She does know this…right?  Or, did she just inadvertently reveal that she buys into negative stereotypes of men based on their clothing?

Aside from her appearance discrimination, Senator Carroll would only likely approve of a women’s organization if it espoused a liberal viewpoint.  What about the nearly 50% of women who don’t subscribe to that viewpoint?  Had Sen. Carroll actually visited the Colorado Women’s Alliance web site, she would learn that the organization is helping women, who don’t buy into liberals’ narrow view of what women “should” believe, find their voice and share their voice with others.  Additionally, the Colorado Women’s Alliance, unlike liberal women’s groups, actually asked women what they think instead of telling them what to believe.

The real issue is that Sen. Carroll and her big money liberals are angry that Colorado Women’s Alliance is effectively deflecting the faux “War on Women” rhetoric that the left clings to so desperately as their candidates’ poll numbers continue to plummet.

The only political sport that Colorado Women’s Alliance is engaging in this election cycle is watching liberals squirm as women reject their empty rhetoric and promises.  Similar groups with a liberal bent could only hope to be so effective.  Jealousy doesn’t look so good on you, Sen. Carroll.