Last week, a photo of two hats from the presidential campaigns made its way around Facebook and the internet.  On the left was a supposed Mitt Romney hat “made in China” and on the right was an Obama campaign hat “made in the United States”.  This photo was meant to prove that Mitt Romney so likes to outsource jobs to China, he even has his campaign hats made there.  See?  See?  He’s a terrible American.  Except that he’s not and the hat was a fake.

The company charged with making Mitt Romney’s campaign hats, a local Colorado company, has responded to the charge on Facebook.  Rachel Polner, a Mitt Romney fan, and her family make the official Romney campaign hats.  A loyal Peak reader sent us Polner’s status update when they noticed it was going viral.  Here is what Polner had to say about the counterfeit hats that Obama fans used for the photo:

“This is a total and absolute fraud. It’s like comparing a real iPhone and a counterfeit one. The Romney/Ryan hat on the left was not authorized by the Romney campaign. It is bought by some greedy person that wants to make some extra bucks during the election. My guess is there were Obama hats there also made in China but because it doesn’t fit with the story this person wants to tell, they don’t show that. How do I know this you might ask? Well first of all, you will not find this hat anywhere on the official campaign store. Second, I actually make the official hats for the campaign and if you try to say that we’re not 100% USA made, well then I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona. Everybody can vote for whomever they choose but to use blatant lies to try to discredit a candidate and the people who work with that campaign is just dirty and unethical.”

Polner is right, the smear attempt is unethical.  Unfortunately, sometimes politics gets ugly.  But, for today, Polner is our hero for standing up to the left’s lies.  Hats off to you, Polner family!

But, will the Denver Post report on the slander of this Colorado family business?  …Bueller? …Bueller?