Photo credit: University of Colorado

President Obama might be in trouble for Tuesday’s election.  University of Colorado, Boulder, should be the heart of his campaign here in Colorado, and yet, the enthusiasm at CU for President Obama appears to have waned.

A Daily Camera article published earlier this week seems to have unwittingly identified this growing trend.  A few of the quotes from the once-thought rabid Obama supporters:

  • Nina Harris, freshman at CU: “I am curious why he’s coming to Boulder.  Boulder’s a pretty liberal place, and it’s going to vote for him regardless. But I’m still happy he’s coming.”
  • Marlee Glasgow, junior at CU:  “Both times I waited in line for tickets, then waited in line to see him, then he was late both times. It was a lot of waiting.”
  • Craig Darby: “He’s clearly preaching to the choir [in Boulder]. As often as he’s come here, yes, I think it’s a little odd.”

Another sign that enthusiasm for Obama is fading was an observation offered by the Daily Camera: “People camped out in the wee hours of the morning when Obama visited in April and September, but lines started forming Tuesday only minutes before tickets became available.”

This is a stark contrast to the fervor that surrounded Obama’s campaign in 2008, as reported by the Daily Camera: “As many as eight hours before Barack Obama officially accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, thousands of people filled the streets for the chance to see the politician in person.”

If that wasn’t telling enough, here are a few quotes from 2008 as well:

Sarah Kihm, a University of Colorado accounting major: “Wow.”

Scott Barber, senior at University of Colorado in Boulder: “I’m hoping to see some change. I like that he’s standing for. I like that he’s a fresh face.”

Shari Malloy, Longmont teacher: “I am overwhelmed, completely inspired and full of hope like I’ve never experienced before.”

In addition to the dissatisfaction with President Obama’s job performance, the difference between enthusiasm today and in 2008 may point to another issue within the Obama campaign.  The students seem to be saying, “been there, done that” because Obama is still trying to shore up his base when he should have had that locked down by now.  President Obama’s frequent visits to CU point to the disenchantment the students – who are facing a 53% unemployment rate upon graduation – have felt and why the Obama campaign has not been able to rely on them the way he has in the past.  All of this adds up to a campaign that’s looking, quite frankly, a little desperate.