Two new polls on Colorado today have the race within the margin of error, with one showing Romney leading by three and the other with Obama up by two.

A Rasmussen poll, where only the top-line horse race figure has been released so far, has Romney winning Colorado 50%-47%. The survey was conducted entirely on Monday night.

On the flip side is a CNN poll released this afternoon showing Obama taking Colorado 50%-48%, though Obama’s lead drops to one point — 48%-47% — when they include Gary Johnson, who is on the ballot in Colorado. The CNN poll was conducted October 26-31 with a margin of error of +/-3.5%.

Current turnout based on ballots returned by today shows Republicans with a steady three-point lead over Democrats, based on the party registration of those voters.

To quote Dan Rather from 2004: “This race is hotter than a Times Square Rolex.”

UPDATE: The CNN sample appears to be badly out of whack with reality.

CNN Sample: 31R | 33D | 35U

Turnout so far in Colorado: 37.8R | 35D | 26.2U