The big news coming out of Obama’s rally at the University of Colorado isn’t the throngs of superfans, but the utter lack of enthusiasm for the President’s 72nd (or is it 73rd?) visit to CU in a last ditch effort to rally the troops for the Get Out the Vote efforts leading into Tuesday’s big election.

Video from the CU Obama campaign event shows that officials blocked off hundreds of seats across from the stage (and the cameras), presumably to make the rally look more packed than it actually was.

Even liberal CU journalism professor and Daily Camera reporter Sandra Fish tweeted “Thrill is gone?” when she saw the short lines to get into the arena.  With that in mind, we’ve developed the top ten student excuses for the less-than-stellar attendance at the rally.

 Top Ten CU Student Excuses for Skipping the President’s Rally

 10.  I’ve got the Oregon-CU football game on DVR.  Thought I’d watch it again.

9.  I heard Bill Clinton was giving OFA Canvassing lessons at the Tri-Delts’ sorority.

8.  My mom needs me to pick out the bedroom I want when I move back home after college.

7.  I’d rather go to something that actually sold-out the Coors Events Center, such as the CU vs. Wofford College game on Nov. 9th.

6.  If I get a good grade on my next Molecular Engineering exam, I could improve my career chances in this economy.  See, now I’m washing lettuce.  Soon, I’ll be on fries…

5.  I was door-knocking in Loveland and was… detained.

4.  I’ll go if he promises to make the oceans recede and heal the planet. Oh, wait.

3.   The line into my local dispensary was longer than this.

2.   I went four years ago, when I was a first-year senior.

1.   He’s a little too liberal for this campus.