UPDATE: Sources are telling Colorado Peak Politics that approximately 10,000 ballots received over the weekend in GOP-heavy Douglas County were not included in today’s SOS update.

Colorado Republicans held onto at least a two-point lead in ballots returned, according to Secretary of State records released this morning. It’s at least a two-point lead as major GOP counties like Douglas and Mesa didn’t process ballots over the weekend, while liberal hotbeds like Denver and Boulder did.

With that caveat noted, here are the ballot figures for those ballots returned and processed as of the morning of November 5:

Total Votes Cast: 1,707,805

R – 624,788 (36.6%)

D – 590,417 (34.5%)

U – 474,437 (27.8%)

Republicans are leading Democrats in the three biggest swing counties of Colorado. In Arapahoe they are up 1,274, up 6,487 in JeffCo and 7,409 in Larimer.

Check out the full county-by-county breakdown of ballot returns here.