Arapahoe County voting lines via @RyanTNance

UPDATE: 5:15 PM SOS figures:

R – 35.8%

D – 33.7%

U – 29.3%

UPDATE 2:10 PM SOS figures:

R – 35.9%

D – 34.1%

U – 29.0%

UPDATE: New returns just sent by the SOS:

R – 36.0%

D- 34.2%

U – 28.7%


Election Day stats are in and they portend a tight race tonight in Colorado. According to Secretary of State (SOS) records released this AM, Republicans retain the lead in early balloting, a shift from four years ago when Democrats led, but the lead is small, meaning tonight could be a very late night.

Total Ballots Received: 1,872,987

R – 675,797 (36.1%)

D – 642,834 (34.3%)

U – 534,012 (28.5%)

In the pivotal swing counties of JeffCo, Arapahoe and Larimer the GOP leads. Democrats have narrowed the gap in Arapahoe County, with Republicans holding onto a slim 159 vote lead. Republicans are holding onto significant leads of 6,640 in Jefferson County and 7,623 in Larimer County.

Check out the full county-by-county breakdown here (PDF).

Virtually every poll conducted in recent weeks in Colorado has found Mitt Romney with a healthy lead among Election Day voters, meaning the GOP’s lead in ballots cast will likely be added to significantly today.

We’ve received reports of packed voting lines across Colorado, particularly in GOP-heavy areas like South Jefferson County. Check back at the Peak for an update on turnout today.