OUR VIEW: The long campaign has got President Obama behaving like Scott Gessler.

After months of accusations from the Obama campaign and liberal activists that voter ID laws were a transparent bid to disenfranchise legal voters, the Obama campaign is out with a made-for-election-day radio ad in Colorado where voters are instructed to…Drum Roll …bring an ID in order to vote.

Apparently the grueling campaign has knocked the president off liberal talking points. To hear the radio here in the swing state of Colorado today, you can’t help but think the president is going all Scott Gessler on us.

Correspondents with the Peak and a couple other sources heard the ad this morning, prompting justifiable howls of hypocrisy.

It is Election Day, so The Denver Post will be too busy humping the president’s leg to report this wonderful bit of irony.

But we thought conservatives would want to know. Barack Obama is trying to disenfranchise voters by telling them they need an ID to vote.

Shame on you El Presidente. Shame. On. You.

(Post Script: We are trying to get a recorded copy of the ad. If you hear it, hit record on that iPhone, and Peak Nation will be most grateful.)