Colorado’s Sad Clowns, Brandon Shaffer and Sal Pace

Amidst the Republican Party wound-licking, there was one ray of sunshine that warmed our hearts and made us smile just a little brighter.  CD4 loser and Colorado Democrats’ “rising star” Brandon Shaffted Shaffer and CD3 Democratic felon Sal Pace (D-Urination) received fewer votes than Republican whipping boy Kevin Lundberg, who ran unsuccessfully against Congressman Jared Polis.  In fact, Lundberg’s over 158,000 votes equated to nearly 40,000 more votes than Shaffer and about 24,000 more than Pace. (H/T to Sen. Brophy for pointing out Pace’s, ahem, shortcomings.)


To put that into perspective, it would be like if the entire city of Littleton (pop. 41,000) didn’t vote for Shaffer or the entire city of Lafayette (pop. 24,000) didn’t vote for  Pace.  Yes, we realize that these towns aren’t in either of these candidates’ districts, but we’re going for size not geography.

Even worse, in CD3, the Democratic CU Regent received nearly 6,000 more votes than Pace did.  Races like CU Regent are usually just a straight party vote.  That means that 6,000 Democratic voters who voted for Regent didn’t vote for Pace.  Double ouch.  The Secretary of State final stats on ballot returns won’t be available for a while and there is not a comparable statistic in CD4, so we may not know how Shaffer fared among his own party for a while.

It’s possible that, as much as the left tries to spin this victory as emblematic of Republicans being out of touch with mainstream America, it’s the left that is out of touch with a large swath of Colorado voters.