In an election season defined in large part by liberal claims of a Republican “war on women” the closest Congressional race in Colorado was notable for one thing — the refusal of the campaign of Congressman Mike Coffman to stay on the defensive on the issue.

Coffman’s four-point victory over Denver Democrat Joe Miklosi may provide the way forward for dealing with Democratic fear-mongering among the all-pivotal swing suburban female vote: fight fire with fire.

Rather than try to talk solely about the economy, or stay on defense pushing back against Democratic attacks, Coffman’s campaign went on the offense, hitting Miklosi for opposing laws that would help capture and punish child abductors and sexual predators.

The so-called “Bennet model” of focusing on suburban female swing voters and trying to convince them Republicans are “too extreme” appears to work best when it’s not countered with equal ferocity and messaging.

Coffman’s victory shows the way forward is to push back on the same message: Democrats are “too extreme” for suburban female swing voters.

Ads like this are a prime reason why Miklosi’s unfavorable ratings were higher than his favorable ratings in private polling.

Republicans thinking of running in 2014: take notice.

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