While Republicans are busy pointing fingers about who “lost” the election, Democrats are quietly going about their business.  This means that those on the left have already resumed their canvassing activities. Yes, you read that correctly, the ballots haven’t even been certified and Democrats are already walking neighborhoods under the guise of stopping fracking in the South Platte.

Getting beyond the inaccuracies of the propaganda distributed, the point is they’re distributing it.

Here are photos of the brochures they passed out:

How was the Obama ground game so strong this cycle? It wasn’t just OFA – it’s in the DNA of the left in Colorado. From environmental groups to labor unions and pure Democrat front groups like ProgressNow — and funded by donors with near bottomless bank accounts — liberals in Colorado have kept a constant campaign up for years. While the conservative movement and the Republican Party licks its wounds and fights amongst itself, the Left is already back at it.