Before it was unearthed that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had threatened to “punch out” a reporter for asking tough questions, the Stetson-sporting Cabinet member was already looking at the unemployment line in the near future. We wonder — will his recent rendezvous with the press hasten his exit?

Threatening to slug someone, especially someone with a byline, would be a fireable offense in most jobs. But in the Obama administration it seems most normal workplace guidelines don’t apply, at least when it comes to gross negligence — as in the case of Benghazi, Fast and Furious or the BP oil spill response.

We’re sure Obama is not pleased to be dealing with another headache among his appointed leadership so soon in his second term. You would think the Love Pentagon would be enough for the week after the election.

But deal with it he must.

With a number of second term Cabinet positions likely up for Senate confirmation, now would be the time for Obama to set the tone on Cabinet-level behavior.