Earlier today, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment released the October unemployment numbers, which were reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The great news is that Colorado’s unemployed fell to 7.9%, which puts the state even with the nation. Of course, ProgressNow, the big-money, left-wing organization, and its political director wanted to make sure that the right was happy about this number.

The answer is no.  When the average unemployment rate under the last president was 5.1%, and over the entire U.S. history is 5.8%, a 7.9% unemployment rate is not something to celebrate.  If ProgressNow wants us to be happy about millions of families who are struggling during the holidays, the answer is still no.

We hope that the 0.1% decrease in unemployment makes for a more meaningful Thanksgiving for those who were able to find jobs.  But, let us not forget (we’re talking to you ProgressNow) that there are still thousands of families in Colorado who need help this holiday season – help finding a job, help putting food on the table, help paying bills.  So, while ProgressNow is celebrating the 0.1% decrease in unemployment, the right will be looking for ways to expand opportunities, increase hiring, and offer aid to those who are suffering.

Thanks ProgressNow for offering us this opportunity to remind readers that 7.9% unemployment isn’t normal and it’s not acceptable.