Happy Thanksgiving, Peak readers.  To celebrate and entertain, we’ve asked a few of Colorado’s legislators about their Thanksgiving traditions and memories.  So far, we’ve received responses from Sen. Keith King, Rep. Cherilyn Peniston, and Sen. Joyce Foster.  We’ll add more as we receive them.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Sen. King: “When our family gets together to be thankful.”

Rep. Peniston: “Our family (and a few international friends)  gather for a traditional turkey, mashed potatoes and pie feast, followed by a “take no prisoners” game of Dominos.”  Sounds fierce!

Sen. Foster: “In recent years, we’ve celebrated at my son and daughter in law’s( Danny and Becky) home here in Denver. Our Family and some friends celebrate with lots of delicious food and lots of fun noise coming from all 6 of our grandchildren. It doesn’t get better than that.”

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

Sen. King: “Working at the Springs Rescue Mission lunches.”

Rep. Peniston: “Enjoying the tradition described above at our mountain cabin, with the two older grandkids wearing pilgrim hats they made at school.”

Sen. Joyce Foster: “Growing up in Benton Harbor, Michigan, my parents would keep our little dress shop open until noon, and then we would pack up our car with food my mother would make and we would drive 35 miles to South Bend, Ind. to eat at my aunt and uncle’s home. They would make the turkey and my mom would usually bake the pies. One very cold, snowy Thanksgiving, there was no way we could drive on the two lane highway because of the huge snow storm. We were all quite sad as we ate tuna fish sandwiches….however, the good part was that we ate lemon meringue pie. I will never forget that day.”

What are you thankful for this year?

Sen. King: “For my Christian faith, which we need right now.”

Rep. Peniston: “I’m thankful that the American voters confirmed this country as a place where diversity can thrive.”

Sen. Joyce Foster: “I’m most thankful for my beautiful and healthy family. I don’t take that for granted at our age. Our children all live in Denver ….actually a mile from our home….it really doesn’t get better than that.”