Following Black Friday and in honor of Cyber Monday, which seems to have morphed into “Cyber Week”, we thought we would review the shopping habits of those on either side of the aisle. The Wall Street Journal‘s Wash Wire blogger Dante Chinni offers some insight to the stores most frequented by registered Republicans and Democrats.  See his chart below.

Chinni acknowledges that geography influences some of these preferences (i.e., registered Democrats are more likely to shop at Bloomingdale’s simply because there are more stores in Democrat-rich locales, like New York City), as does age and gender.

The stores in the Republican column seem to point to the diversity within the Republican Party – is there a Hobby Lobby-shopping,  JCrew-wearing hunter who buys ammo from Dick’s and then the latest kitchen gadget from Williams-Sonoma out there?  Probably not.

In contrast, the stores most frequented by Democrats are somewhat homogenous.  The top four stores among Democrats are athletic shoes and apparel stores – Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Finish Line, and Foot Locker.  Perhaps Democrats are in better shape physically than Republicans?

Nonetheless, a study published earlier this year by “leading global neuro-insight firm” Buyology found that Republicans and Democrats also have very specific brand preferences.  See our chart below based on Buyology’s findings.

The good news is that there are a few brands upon which Republicans and Democrats agree: Coke (beverage), Visa (financial service), Google (internet brand), Apple (technology), and Olay (beauty).

All in all, brand preferences don’t necessarily offer additional insight into our political landscape, but it could help with holiday shopping.  Happy Cyber Week, Coloradans!