Imagine if everyone walked around saying the exact opposite of what they intended.  Author George Orwell identified the language as “newspeak” in his “1984” book and his characters were fluent.  That also seems to be the language beloved by newly-elected Democratic Senator Andy Kerr. We received the following voicemail from a loyal Peak reader about an upcoming townhall hosted by Kerr.

“…As your state senator, I will strive to represent you in a transparent and effective way. And you can help me do that by joining me at a townhall….”

Hm, that’s funny. Kerr’s name isn’t the name typically associated with transparency.  From his “International Man of Mystery position at Jefferson County Public Schools” to his frequent bouts of newspeak on the issues, it would seem that Kerr might need to “strive” a little harder.

When well-known Jeffco activist/thorn in the side of Jeffco School District Regan Benson attempted to glean additional information about Kerr’s employment, her Colorado Open Records Requests were denied.  Prior to 2012, Kerr was listed as a curriculum specialist on “special assignment” and was granted 99 days of unpaid vacation from his allegedly full-time position.  This year, his position has changed to online teacher, giving him greater flexibility.  His new position means he will work primarily from his home, without any supervision, and at any time in non-consecutive time blocks.  Despite Benson’s attempts to uncover how many hours he has worked or intends to work during the 2013 legislative session, the Jeffco School District told Benson that “employee time and labor records are confidential and are no public record.”  Technically, taxpayers don’t even know what subject he teaches.

And, then, there’s Kerr’s hyper-partisan record, which Red State pointed out was at “odds” with his campaign rhetoric:

“Despite numerous pledges on the campaign trail to end partisanship and politics-as-usual, Colorado state representative Andy Kerr voted with his party 100 percent of the time on Democratic legislation that was brought to the floor for a final vote. …On the front page of his campaign website, Kerr states that voters, ‘are tired of partisan games and want legislators who will get to work and do their jobs.'”

Honestly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  We just want a legislator who will get to work and do their job.  Unfortunately, Kerr’s lack of transparency has ensured that we have no idea what it is, exactly, that he does?