U.S. Senator Michael Bennet recently put up some beachfront property for sale in Winter Park, and yesterday Democrat blogger for The Denver Post, Allison Sherry, became its proud new owner.

Per Sherry’s shill piece:

WASHINGTON — Before accepting the traditionally partisan top job at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Sen. Michael Bennet got assurances from all over Capitol Hill that he could carry out the duty without being a bridge burner.

Bennet says he took almost a month to decide whether to take on the role because in part he wanted confirmation, from Republicans in particular, that the job would not imperil relationships he has painstakingly built in four years on Capitol Hill.

Really? Bennet won’t burn bridges by working full-time to defeat Republicans? Sure hope Sherry likes the beachfront property she just bought, because only a fool would buy Bennet’s BS hook, line and sinker.

Sherry has her own obvious conflict of interest with Michael Bennet that other online publications have reported on, but we won’t raise that here. No, we would prefer to focus on a different conflict — her blind loyalty to do CYA for Bennet and Mark Udall.

Sherry is so loyal to Bennet that she doesn’t even bother quoting a single critic noting the impossibility of raising $100 million to defeat Republicans while claiming to be their best bipartisan buddy at the same time.

What we really want to know is: how could Allison afford the property on a reporter’s salary? Guess we should check Bennet’s next campaign finance report to find her moonlighting pay.