Credit: CO Springs No Fracking Zone Facebook Page

Environmental weenies, take notice. Your good governor has some lessons for you about energy realities that don’t quite comport with your hysterical rantings about ending fossil fuel usage yesterday.

Per the Durango Herald’s Joe Hanel:

Jeff Neuman-Lee of Fossil Fuel Free Denver criticized Hickenlooper’s stance.

“What the world needs, and what Colorado needs, is ways of moving beyond fossil fuels,” Neuman-Lee said.

“Sure,” Hickenlooper said. “No argument. What are you going to do in the meantime?”

When others in the audience said the public would soon be ready to fully accept renewable energy and abandon fossil fuels, Hickenlooper replied in an urgent tone, citing melting permafrost and other ills of climate change.

“We don’t have any time,” he said. “I’m willing to push the political reality as hard as I can, but I think it’s morally reckless to not embrace something like natural gas as a short-term transition fuel.”

It wasn’t so long ago that the paragon of environmentalism — the Sierra Club — was a bona fide believer in natural gas. Then, all of the sudden, their stark raving mad membership pushed them to become anti-fracking and anti-natural gas, eventually earning the group the derision of the left-wing Denver Post editorial board. But not before they took $26 million in donations from the natural gas industry.

The Sierra Club’s biggest challenge, like the broader environmentalist movement, is reality.

If wind, solar and unicorns can’t provide the energy needed to power the economy, where the hell do they intend on getting it?