Only months after claiming that gun control won’t stop mass shootings, Governor Hickenlooper is reversing himself and calling for a gun control debate. In an interview with the AP‘s Ivan Moreno, Hickenlooper says it’s time to start talking about new gun control laws and wants to see legislation in the upcoming Capitol session.

This is the same Hickenlooper who said in July that he was “not sure there is any way in a free society” to stop deranged psychopaths from assembling deadly arsenals.

“If there were no assault weapons available and no this or no that, this guy is going find something, right?” Hickenlooper said on CNN. “He’s going to know how to create a bomb.”

Per the AP:

DENVER—Five months after a movie theater massacre in suburban Denver shocked the nation, Colorado’s Gov. John Hickenlooper now says “the time is right” for state lawmakers to consider gun control measures.

…In an interview with The Associated Press Wednesday, Hickenlooper said enough time has passed since the tragedy and that the legislative session in January would be an appropriate time to take up a debate gun control measures.

Moreno gives more detail on the interview on his Twitter account:

While Hick may be feeling the heat from the left, and seeking to placate his base with this gun grab move, he is running up against the reality of the broader Colorado electorate which doesn’t think gun control laws work as supporters claim they do.

Last August Quinnipiac asked Coloradans if they thought gun control measures would prevent future tragedies like Aurora….2/3 of respondents said they don’t think grabbing guns will help.

Furthermore, only 38% said gun laws should be stricter, to a full 50% who said the laws should stay the same.

If Hickenlooper is willing to side with the 38% of liberals on this issue, will there be any other reversals in the near term? What else will Hick capitulate to the left on? How worried is he about a primary challenge?