A favorite line among Democratic politicians is that they’re representing the middle class. But, Colorado’s liberals might also have another constituency – Hollywood.  The Hollywood Reporter recently released its list of “20 Biggest Political Players in Hollywood”.  While the vast majority of those listed gave money to PACs, SuperPACs, and the Democratic Party, they also gave to candidates and not just candidates in California or New York.

Several of Colorado’s federal candidates on the left have benefited from Hollywood’s riches.

Senator Michael Bennet is by far the greatest beneficiary of Hollywood’s political activism. Over the past few years, he’s received nearly $10,000 in campaign contributions from individuals on this “Power List”. His donors from this list have included: Sony CEO Michael Lynton ($2,400 in 2010), DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg ($2,400 in 2010), Director JJ Abrams ($1,500 in 2010) and his wife Katie McGrath ($1,000 in 2009), and media mogul Haim Saban ($2,400 in 2010).

Not to be outdone, Senator Mark Udall has also benefited from Hollywood’s power elite.  He’s received donations from the following: Co-Chairman of Creative Artists Agency Bryan Lourd ($1,125 in 2008), Abrams and McGrath ($4,600 in 2007), and Kelly Meyer, environmental activist and wife of Universal Pictures CEO Ron Meyer ($1,500 in 2008).

Representative Diana Degette received a paltry $250 from Lourd. Chief Minority Deputy Assistant Pro-Temps Whip (or whatever her title is) Degette didn’t quite command the donation that Udall did. Ahhh, the benefits of being a Senator.  Lynton also gave Rep. Jared Polis $2,300 in 2008.  Abrams and McGrath gave former U.S. Representative Betsy Markey $1,000 in 2010.

Of course, donations to candidates are just a very, very small part of this group’s overall giving.  For example, the $2,400 Saban donated to Sen. Bennet seems like a drop in the bucket compared to his $1,000,000 to Unity 2012 (a “feeder fund” to various Obama SuperPACs like Priorities USA) and the nearly $1,000,000 split between Priorities USA Action, House Majority PAC, and Majority PAC.

We’re pretty sure a few dollars out of the nearly two million dollars from Saban found its way to Colorado. And, that’s just one person out of twenty on the list.  We’re not suggesting that those employed by the movie industry shouldn’t have a voice in politics.  We’re simply raising awareness of Hollywood’s biggest power players’ voices, most of whom live in California, role in Colorado politics.