The political intrigue surrounding U.S. Senator Michael Bennet’s decision on the fiscal cliff deal to buck Democratic leadership and his fellow Democratic Senator, Mark Udall, has lead to some interesting 2014 speculation in Colorado political circles.

Udall, the one up for re-election next year, has worked hard to sell himself as an alleged centrist moderate on fiscal issues, but it looks like he got triangulated on the issue by Bennet.

Remember Udall’s lame attempt to co-sponsor a doomed balanced budget amendment? Those type of token gestures seem devoid of meaning when you vote for a bill that adds $4 trillion to the deficit.

Bennet’s decision to oppose the fiscal cliff crap sandwich citing the concerns of Udall’s same constituents only makes it more awkward for the state’s Senior Senator.

Add in the fact that Bennet is now a member of the Democratic leadership and Udall’s decision to tow the party line, and show not a shred of independence, becomes even worse by comparison.

In Bennet’s attempt to look centrist, did he end up pushing Udall further to the left just as Udall enters his re-election fight?

Udall, usually a bit of a press chaser, has been almost nowhere to be found. You can bet that Bennet’s unexpected fit of fiscal resolve is a reason why.

Udall looks like one of those dim lights in Washington. Guess why? Because he is.