Let us be short and sweet in this particular piece of commentary.

Hardly a day goes by when The Denver Post does not present a journalistically disreputable attack on its printed pages and/or on its web version, antagonizing against gun ownership and hydraulic fracturing. It is as if Sarah Brady and Pete Maysmith did the deed in the back of a Ford Mustang, and the Dee Post is their gnarly, one-sided spawn.

How many times does Dianna DeGette’s introduction of an ill-fated gun proposal deserve mention? Frequently, if you are the Ginger-highlighted DC scribe for the state’s daily newspaper.

How often must we hear from creep-show environmentalists that Colorado’s oil and gas rules, almost unanimously regarded as the most stringent in the nation, are something other than that? Why, every day, if you are the anti-drilling correspondant named Bruce Finley of The Denver Post.

With writers like these, no wonder there are no readers.